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Company Information

Gatema is a Czech company focused on the information technology market.
The history of the company dates back to 1992. From beginning, Gatema focused on the development of high-quality information systems, including a comprehensive solution for production planning and management. Our primary goal is to create products and provide services that meet the most demanding customer needs.
Provided products and services:
• development, sale and support of the HELIOS information system
• A comprehensive MES production planning and management solution for manufacturing companies
• Comprehensive Gatema WMS on-line solution for automation of warehouse processes
• consultancy services
• Ensuring legislative changes to the HELIOS Orange and HELIOS Green systems
• hotline (telephone consulting service),
• custom SW development,
• projects and installation of computer networks

Supplier Type

System integrator, System producer

Manufacturing Areas

Production monitoring and control, Production scheduling, Quality, Production logistic


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Gatema IT, a.s.

Průmyslová 2503/2, 680 01  Boskovice

tel.: +420 516 455 555

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